Welcome to OSOP, the ultimate guide to ensure that your company is optimising profits by using the correct methods of organisational strategy. Strategic planning is one of the most important and valuable management tools available to a business, but one of the most underutilised and ignored.

Most companies will be proud of their Mission Statement displayed in their reception for customers and employees alike to see, but how many companies have really thought about what their Mission Statement needs to be and how they need to support their mission after they have decided what they want it to represent. The experience that customers receive and the way staff are treated, needs to be reflected at all times by what is said in the Mission Statement. Many company bosses feel that is they include “we” into the statement that they automatically include everyone in their vision and beliefs. This is where companies fail as they ignore to recognise the importance of clearly introducing the company’s strategy and mission to their employees, who will in turn ensure that the customers receive the right levels of service. Introducing a new strategy and company mission has to take into account various aspects of change management to ensure that the new strategy will be followed and accepted willingly.

There are many paths to follow before a company Mission Statement can be created and introduced which is heavily based on the company vision and set of company values. If the whole company acts in accordance with these, it has been recognised that this will enhance the company’s competitive advantage in their market. For any company to optimise their profits through organisational strategy the employees need to be driven to be committed to the overall success.